Sunday, July 31, 2011

High Tea Fundraiser - 30th July

What a wonderful afternoon of absolute fun, lots of friendship and hilarious laughter at the High Tea Fundraiser for the Scouting Pow Wow.

There was a host for each table and she was responsible to decorate her table with a movie theme and invite the guests.
My Fair Lady

... with gloves and fan ...

Pretty in Pink

When the crystal bell rang, a spot prize was handed out.

The King and I


Alice in Wonderland

such a lot of work went into all tables...

The Sound of Music


Alice in Wonderland


Little Princess

Bee Movie

Gnomio and Juliet

The Queen of Hearts

Thanks to all the hosts for an outstanding afternoon.

Till next Time

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Southwell - Easter Cape

Whilst on holiday at Kasouga recently we visited the most beautiful church in Southwell. We were lucky enough to get the keys for the church and were able to view the stained glass windows fron the inside.

The one "diamond" is an accordian fold with many more pictures...

Till next Time

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