Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Elephant Woggle

Hi there.
Some time back I took a pack of cubs camping to a wonderful place called Ezemvello. We learnt a lot about birds and wild animals and while we were there we made these gorgeous, little woggles.
We made them out of grey leather and they really looked like elephants but cardboard works just as well.

The pattern is very simple.
Cut the ears out as shown - remembering to cut two slits in the ears where the tabs can fit through.
Cut 1 head - and this can be decorated. On camp we used moveable eyes but fancy eyes could be drawn on - they look just as pretty.... or buttons could be sewn on.
Till next Time
Keep Crafting

Akela Joy

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Crafts for Creative Hands blog. I am an Akela for a Cub Pack here in South Africa and love craft work. Every so often I will blog a craft that I have found to be fun and interesting for the cubs and I am sure you will find awesome for your children.

This is a crazy little racer car - how it works is that it has a marble inside of it and you place it on a surface that is slightly raised and whoola, away it goes at a tremendous speed!

It is very simple to make.
1. Cut out the pattern as shown above.
2. The measurement of A is 2cm wide and 11 cm long.
3. B measurement is 2cm x 2 cm
4. The rounded bits - lets call them C - are 4 cm long x 2cm wide.
Cut and colour in as you wish.
Fold as follows:
1. Fold both A's together and sticky tape together
2. Fold up C's and place a marble inside the case.
3. Place sticky tape at the top to keep closed.
Very cute and simple!
Keep Crafting!