Sunday, May 24, 2009

Handmade Angels

Every month we have a ladies get-together and when it is my turn to host, I make a little something for them.

Little angels made from beads.
Very easy and very cute.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our craft today at Cub Scouts was great fun and very easy!

We took 6 tongue depressors.
4 across and then 2 at the back to hold them in place.
We use normal wood glue.
4 holes were drilled in the sticks so that the cubs could hang these on their doors.
Each cub could write whatever he wanted to that related to the theme.
Keep Out
Trespassers keep out
Animals cut out from foam could also be an idea to stick onto this door hanger.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Northern Lights Craft

Our craft this week at cubs was to make "the northern lights"
Place a considerable amount of dishwashing liquid in a square bowl - big enough to either take a size A4 or A5 paper - add water and stir and shake the water up to make lots and lots and lots of bubbles. (It is recommended not to use a straw as this mixes the colours together and that is not what you are wanting)Gently drizzle some colouring on top of the bubbles. You can drizzle them in a pattern or just any how. Use a few different colours.
Then gently place the paper on top of the bubbles and count to about 5. Lift the paper and "walah" you have the Northern Lights!
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Akela Joy
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day butterfly - 8th May 2008

At Cub's today, we made a beautiful butterfly for the mothers.
This is an extremely easy craft that all the cubs could manage in no time.

These are the shapes that need to be cut out.

2 x shapes
1 x pipe cleaner for feelers
1 x pipe cleaner for the body (twirled)
1 peg (which was painted)

Place the 2 pieces of paper together and scrunch up.

Feed the twirled "body" pipe cleaner along the other pipe cleaner and twist this around the scrunched up part of the butterfly.
The ends form the feelers which can be turned at the top.
The peg is attached to the back of the butterfly.
A little card can be attached for mom.
This can be used as a paper holder.

The cubs really enjoyed this as it was simple and easy.

Keep Crafting
Akela Joy
Should you need any craft for any event, just leave me a comment or email me - I am bound to have something that I can share with you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pretty Paper Craft

My mom turns 83 in June and my sister, brother and I are flying down to Port Elizabeth - about 1000 km away - to surprise her!
For her age she is extremely 'spritely' and 'op en wakker' .... so there is no chance of her having a heart attack on seeing us! .... but she will be over-joyed!

We have also arranged to go out for dinner with her best friends on the one evening.
I have specially made these little goodies for the table. Each one contains one chocolate.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Your own Ferrari!

These little cars that we made on our visit to the children's home were so easy - and on top of it we were using recycled material!
Take the inner from a toilet roll and paint it any colour you like.
Leave to dry and then make 4 holes so that the axle can be positioned. For the axle I used a kebab stick. This must be able to freely move in the toilet roll.
Next take 4 x coke bottle tops (or any other cold drink that comes in a bottle with a screw cap) and drill a small hole throught it. The kebab stick must just be able to fit through and must fit very snugly. It must have no movement here.
Your car is finished but you may want to cut a small section out of the top for the "driver's seat" and place a figurine in there.
We had numerous races among the children and they loved it.
Till next Time
Keep crafting
Akela Joy