Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Crafts for Creative Hands blog. I am an Akela for a Cub Pack here in South Africa and love craft work. Every so often I will blog a craft that I have found to be fun and interesting for the cubs and I am sure you will find awesome for your children.

This is a crazy little racer car - how it works is that it has a marble inside of it and you place it on a surface that is slightly raised and whoola, away it goes at a tremendous speed!

It is very simple to make.
1. Cut out the pattern as shown above.
2. The measurement of A is 2cm wide and 11 cm long.
3. B measurement is 2cm x 2 cm
4. The rounded bits - lets call them C - are 4 cm long x 2cm wide.
Cut and colour in as you wish.
Fold as follows:
1. Fold both A's together and sticky tape together
2. Fold up C's and place a marble inside the case.
3. Place sticky tape at the top to keep closed.
Very cute and simple!
Keep Crafting!

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