Saturday, May 10, 2008

Recycling Craft

We chose a very simple recycling craft and one very similar to the Mother's Day craft.

We have been collecting these tins over the years so we have plenty in stock - in all shapes and sizes.
What you do need to make sure of is that the lid has been cut off cleanly and there are no sharp edges.
Once that has been done the tins are washed, dried and painted with an undercoat and left to dry overnight.
Paint with the derired colour and leave to dry.
I have photos of all my cubs and therefore printed the most suitable, individual photo for the front of the tin and then I also pasted a group photo at the back. These "memory" stationery holders can then be kept for many years.
The photo is pasted on using decoupage clue on the back of the photo as well as over the front of the photo.
I added a little label on the side with the cub's name... held on with an elastic band.
This can be used for a variety of items - fudge, sweets, pencils, money, small toys etc.
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