Friday, May 1, 2009

Your own Ferrari!

These little cars that we made on our visit to the children's home were so easy - and on top of it we were using recycled material!
Take the inner from a toilet roll and paint it any colour you like.
Leave to dry and then make 4 holes so that the axle can be positioned. For the axle I used a kebab stick. This must be able to freely move in the toilet roll.
Next take 4 x coke bottle tops (or any other cold drink that comes in a bottle with a screw cap) and drill a small hole throught it. The kebab stick must just be able to fit through and must fit very snugly. It must have no movement here.
Your car is finished but you may want to cut a small section out of the top for the "driver's seat" and place a figurine in there.
We had numerous races among the children and they loved it.
Till next Time
Keep crafting
Akela Joy

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