Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day butterfly - 8th May 2008

At Cub's today, we made a beautiful butterfly for the mothers.
This is an extremely easy craft that all the cubs could manage in no time.

These are the shapes that need to be cut out.

2 x shapes
1 x pipe cleaner for feelers
1 x pipe cleaner for the body (twirled)
1 peg (which was painted)

Place the 2 pieces of paper together and scrunch up.

Feed the twirled "body" pipe cleaner along the other pipe cleaner and twist this around the scrunched up part of the butterfly.
The ends form the feelers which can be turned at the top.
The peg is attached to the back of the butterfly.
A little card can be attached for mom.
This can be used as a paper holder.

The cubs really enjoyed this as it was simple and easy.

Keep Crafting
Akela Joy
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