Friday, December 4, 2009

Sixer Council Meeting - 4th December 2009

Each term we hold a Sixer Council Meeting for our Cub Scouts.
As the new Six he now has some responsibilities to take care of at each Pack Meeting.
Our Sixer Council Meeting was held at the Wimpy Bar before all the others arrived.
I made them special, individual cards about their new role as a Sixer.

Sixer Councils are very special and the Cub must realise that these are great occasions to be part of - it must be fun!

Special boxes printed with cub and scout pictures were made for each cub.

Inside were chocolates!

.... cards were made for each Six and Second admiring how special and unique they are; and thanking them for always trying their best.

The cubs came up with some new suggestions for games for next term which we will try out. They told us all about the games they love that we already play and also what outings they hope that we can go on next term.

We have an awesome bunch of Sixers and Seconds and they all work together so well!

Till next Time

Akela Joy

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